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  • Impossibly upright amid conflagrations which threatened to break the Isle, she placed herself between Covenant and the One Tree. In the sunlight, in the days and years, life is. Trueheart took a steadying breath, but it didn't stop the quaver in his voice. All his nobles could not dissuade him from his purpose, even though they told him it was the sun that had done it, a thing without which they could not live, that it was a celestial thing and was located in the sky, and that he could never do any harm to it. Squint lines formed around her eyes, but when she turned to us they disappeared.
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  • While he lay down panting only a few feet away from her, Anastasia approached him timidly and looked for several seconds intensely at him with a sorry expression in her face. To experience God, or the Presence - or whatever name you choose to give That Which Is. But the minor Stones, those of Orthanc, Ithil, and Anor, and probably Ann minas, had also fixed orientation in their original situation, so that (for example) their west face would only look west and turned in other directions was blank. What an ugly world you must live in I hoped you wouldn't start talking, didn't want to soak up all those negative vibes.

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